Men's innerwear collection has undergone many changes and has evolved a lot over the years. Earlier, where the underwear choices were limited to traditional briefs, the fashion developments now allow a plethora of options to serve the varied tastes and preferences of men regarding undergarments. Comparing traditional briefs with boxer briefs may not bring out much of a difference as both of them serve the same purpose with different features and functions. Both of these can be differentiated on the basis of:

Personal Choice

The choice of preferring boxer briefs over traditional ones depends a lot upon the personal choice of an individual. There are men who are so habitual of wearing the traditional Y-shaped briefs that it is rather difficult for them to switch their choice to a newer version of briefs. There are reasons for preferring traditional briefs such as the snug fit which it provides is just apt for both sedentary work as well as the strenuous activities.

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