Silk is a unique fabric. It is known for its smooth texture and shimmering look. Out of all the clothing items of women, night gown is a very popular clothing. Nowadays ladies night gowns are primarily made of silk. This elegant piece of clothing is admired by majority of women and also the teenage girls. Besides being good looking, the night gowns made of silk are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. The clothes should be comfortable to wear, especially those we wear at night; the silk night gown perfectly fulfill this requirement.

The modern women prefer fashionable clothes. No matter whether they are formal or informal clothes. The silk night gowns are a perfect fashion wear. They look exotic and imparts a glamorous look to the lady wearing it. They enhance the beauty of a woman even more. These gowns come in various styles and designs. They are plain, printed, patterned, embroidered, sleeveless, and many more. The common types of silk used in fabricating these gowns are chiffon and satin silk.

The contemporary silk gowns are usually short or knee-length, medium or calf-length, and long or ankle-length. Some of these gowns also have slits on their sides and at the back. The ladies have a great fascination for this particular type. The neckline of these gowns also differs from one type to another. The common types of necklines that can be seen in these gowns are V-shaped, round shaped and even collared.

However, every clothing item is important at its own place, but the night gowns are quite unique. They are a perfect mixture of utility and elegance. This is the reason the demand for the silk night gowns is continuously rising, showing no signs of retardation.