Jewelry as we all know is a piece of ornament, especially worn by women to enhance their beauty and to look elegant. The history of jewelry is almost as ancient as the mankind itself. The ancient jewelry items were made of stuffs like beads, stones, animal bones, shells and so. Jewelry items made of gold, silver and diamond were also very prevalent during the Mughal reign. Anyway, in the modern context fashion jewelry are the ideal kind of jewelry.

Fashion jewelry, as the name suggest are comprised of those contemporary jewelry items which are in fashion these days. The modern jewelry items have totally revolutionized the idea of jewelry. Unlike the traditional jewelry, the contemporary jewelry items available nowadays are both light weight and elegant looking. The common jewelry items, currently in fashion include: necklace, bangles, earrings, toe rings, pendants, bracelets, armlets and anklets among others.

The modern women, especially the teenagers are admiring these fashion jewelry very much. The specialty of fashion jewelery is that they can be worn on any occasion, whether formal or informal. They are also competitive for general use. Some popular types of fashion jewelry, are categorized as under:

1) Aluminum Fashion Jewelry: These jewelry items are as good as the silver jewelry, as far as look is concerned. Unlike the silver jewelry, they also not loose their shimmering look with the passage of time. These jewelry items are both economical to purchase and durable.

2) EPNS Fashion Jewelry: Electroplated Nickel Silver or EPNS jewelry are truly an innovation in the world of fashion jewelry. The jewelry items like anklets, pendants, bangles, toe rings etc. are fabricated out of EPNS. EPNS possess the quality of being non-allergic to skin and also have natural shining. These properties are thus reflected in the ornaments made of it.

3) Leather Fashion Jewelry: They are made of leather. These jewelry items belong to a totally new class of fashion jewelry. Leather jewelry might sound a little odd, but look wise they are very elegant and ravishing. They are made out of various leather types.

4) Plastic Fashion Jewelry: These fashion jewelry also, belong to the class of innovative jewelry. The major benefit of the jewelry items made of plastic is that, they are available in a vivid and vivacious array of colors.

5) Wood Fashion Jewelry: The wood jewelry items are known for their soothing texture and elegant and natural looks. They are carved into numerous exquisite shapes and designs. Two primary kinds of wood used for making jewelry are softwood and hardwood.

Besides above mentioned jewelry types, various other kinds of jewelry are also available at present. But, it is quite clear from the given jewelry types that the fashion is rapidly changing. The conventional types of jewelry made of gold and silver are getting replaced by the jewelry items made from rather unconventional stuffs like wood, plastic and EPNS. The rising vogue for these fashion jewelry among the young women is a clear sign of their future advancement.