Shawls are one of the favorite clothing items of women. They are mostly admired and praised by the feminine gender. But, out of all the types of shawls, Angora Shawls are the most adored. Extra soft texture, excellent insulating and warming quality and remarkable beauty are the primary features which make angora shawls so unique. They are made from the wool obtained from the downy coat of a German breed rabbit named “Angora”.

The modern angora shawls are not only meant for providing warmth, but they are a contemporary fashionable clothing item too. The natural colors in which the angora wool is available are white, brown and gray. Although,nowadays this wool is dyed to get the desired color for making shawls and so.

The present angora shawls are much improved than the traditional shawls. The shawls fabricated these days are a combination of utility and elegance. They are printed and embroidered in a multitude of designs. This could be one of the reason of their increasing popularity among the women. The teenage girls used to wear these shawls with jeans and tops. They are known for enhancing the beauty of women.

Angora, being an extremely soft fabric, is not very easy to spun. This is the reason why the shawls crafted out of this fabulous fabric are made by mixing them with some other varieties of wool and various other stuffs.The shawls so fabricated are known as semi-angora shawls. In India they are primarily found in Shimla and Kullu. The principal types of semi-angora shawls manufactured nowadays include:

(1) Semi-Angora Plain Shawls: These shawls are plain and not printed. They are very soft, warm and lightweight. They are available in multiple color shades.

(2) Silk Angora Shawls: As the name suggest, these shawls are made by mixing silk. Silk forms the warp, and the weft is made by angora. Like other angora shawls they also possess the vital characteristic of being warm. They are available in a vast array of colors.

(3) Semi-Angora Pattern Shawls: The warp and weft arrangement of these shawls is similar to that of the semi-angora plain shawls. The basic difference lies in the geometrical patterns, which are made on their both the ends.

The increasing fame of angora shawls among the women is quite apparent in the current context. Of course, they deserve this too, for the unique features they possess. No doubt, the prospects are bright for this unique shawl.