The most defining thing about gemstone jewelry is the wide range of colors that it offers. Bright and sparkling gemstone jewelry is what makes it more expensive and precious that any metal jewelry. They are not subtle, they are not single color. They have humongous choices with a limitless array of colorful gemstone jewelry. Of all the colors that they offer, blue is the color of the season. Blue gemstone jewelry seems to be the new buzz in the semi precious stone studded ornaments.

A number of semi precious stones occur in this color with varying shades. From sky blue, indigo, sea blue to the electric blue and deep ocean blue shades. There are a handful of gemstones that occur in beautiful blue color and are popularly used for crafting fashion jewelry ornaments.

Topaz is a luscious stone with a sparkling blue color. The stone highly refractive and makes nice elegant jewelry for evening functions like weddings, engagement ceremonies, party affairs, casual get togethers, etc. Apart from topaz, another stone known for its highly lustrous shade of light blue is the aquamarine. A variety of the beryl stone it is a preferred gemstone for manufacturing engagement rings and as bridesmaid jewelry. Among the dull, matte shades of blue, turquoise, serpentine varieties, lapis lazuli, sapphire and tanzanite are a few of the options. All of these indigo stones are also the birthstones for specific zodiacs and specific stone jewelry works wonders for people who fall under their respective zodiac signs. The colorful blue gemstone is not just a pleasure to the eyes or just fashionable for the wearer, but also lucky and beneficial if worn a little carefully, with advice from a qualifies and renowned gemologist.