Retro style is not about being in or out. If you can carry it with elan, go for it. A lot of things go into deciding what makes for a retro look. Polka dot scarves are a no doubt accessory for those looking at the retro style. In a variety of fabrics the polka style offers a huge choice on colors, designs, shapes, styles and fabrics. Polka dot scarves are most popular in the chiffon style. Chiffon neck scarves and head scarves in this particular style still find a lot of demand as hot fashion accessories. Team them with almost anything in your wardrobe. Ranging from a pair of hot pants to a flared skirts the polkas suit all of them.
Cotton stole scarves also look vibrant and colorful. Specially for summer spring seasons choose beautiful spring colors like pink, reds, greens, blue, white, yellow, etc. Wear them around the neck, in the hair, on the waist or as a handbag accessory. As women's scarf stoles, they are trendy and fashionable in regular colors. With a little twist in the colors and the style, they also make a classic party wear. Try silvers with whitish silver dots, gray base with silver polkas or golden ribbon head bands. The bandanna style looks hep too.

As men's head wraps, polka dots work only as men's neck scarves or the bandanna wraps. They are usually adorned with casuals or holiday moods by men. They are worn, but the popularity for polkas in men is nowhere close to women. As men's fashion accessories bandannas in polka style look smart only as neck scarves with trendy casuals.