The styles of women hats have truly evolved over the years. Before the 20th century, women hats were only associated with the elite classes, as hats were worn as to show off as prized possessions, having been decked up with precious jewels, metals and exotic fabrics . For others, the only hats available were bonnets made of different fabrics. With the turn of the century, hats became available at affordable prices. And what was considered to be popular in the early 1900s has even today continues to be a rage among the fashionable group of people. 

Today the market is flooded with a whole collection of the most stylish women's hats, which serve both fashion and function. Women hats are designed using different materials like wool, leather, cotton, straw, jute etc. The styles are wide and varied. The entire look of a woman can be changes by wearing a hat as per her face shape. Women hats have become all the more popular with a number of celebrities being spotted wearing hats in social functions and gatherings.

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