Semi precious stones and gemstone are laden with different attributes and energies. Energies associated with different gem stones differ in their nature of powers and influences. They have cosmic powers and healing powers that can be easily directed and channelized to heal and help the people dealing with problems in their personal and professional lives.

On the basis of birthstones and zodiac signs, we can figure out what stones will suit us more and bring us luck and prosperity. But apart from that each stone has some or the other attribute associated with it. Before we wear any of these, its is important to understand and analyses if a particular gemstone suits us or not. On the basis of this analysis we can figure out our good luck stones. Read a crisp snapshot of what are are the attributes with some popular gemstones and choose your good luck stone.

Good Luck Semi Precious Stones

  1. Smoky Quartz: Wear it for better athletic abilities and improved stamina.
  2. Garnet: Garnet is the good luck stone for career and job related growth concerns.
  3. Citrine: One of the most powerful good luck stones for success in business is citrine.
  4. Emerald: Emerald brings loyal and faithful love.
  5. Amethyst: Improves psychic powers and proves to be a good luck stone in almost all aspects.
  6. Red Jasper: Red jasper belongs to the lot of good luck stones that help you fight the fear of darkness and night.
  7. Tourmaline: Slide in a tourmaline ring for added luck to be with you for all your important tasks and days.
  8. Sodalite: Suits the writers and thinkers. Its a good luck stone for peace of mind and clarity of thought.
  9. Agate: Wear agate for general luck and protection.
  10. Aquamarine: Get rid of your worries with an aquamarine gemstone touching your body.

Good luck stones are good ways to bring luck to your side, but remember that they are just aids. Actions and efforts need to be accompanied with these good luck stones and charms.