Office wear needs to be chosen carefully and consciously. The office decorum and formal wear guidelines need to be adhered while choosing an appropriate office wear. Formal shawls and wrap are a popular accessory chosen by females of all ages for office wear. Formal shawls may or may not essentially stick to the shawl style. A formal stole can also serve the purpose, but formal shawls are preferred as they are a little bigger in size. Since they are a popular accessory, different fabrics are used for manufacturing formal shawls with different purposes.

Silk Formal Shawls – Famous for their amazing fabric quality, silk formal shawls are preferred as formal office wear considering its ethnic and traditional prints. Silk formal shawls with their elaborate designs and intricate handiworks, look very graceful when matched with office wear.

Pashmina Formal Shawls – Pashmina is warm variety of formal shawls that is made from the 'pashm' fabric that originally belongs to Kashmir state in India. Pashmina formal shawls are extremely soft and warm and a good substitute for the heavy wool formal shawls.

Cashmere Formal Shawls – Cashmere formal shawls are again very popular variety of silk formal shawls. Cashmere is an extremely beautiful variety of silk that offers a humongous variety in all kinds of shawls - formal shawls, casual shawls and the party shawls.

Chiffon Formal Shawls – Of all the fabrics mentioned above for formal shawls manufacture, chiffon formal shawls are the softest of all. Chiffon are not as elegant as the above mentioned fabrics. Rather they are a little brighter than all other types of formal shawls. They look distinctly bright and vibrant as formal shawls. Due to the light weight and peppy element, chiffon formal shawls are more popular among young women for office wear purposes.