Women's Wedge Sandals give an airy feeling to the feet. Besides giving a feminine and attractive look to the overall appearance, wedge sandals also provide comfort to the wearer. Many women who hesitate in wearing stilettos or high heels opt for a wedge sandal. It gives any woman a confident and tall look.

One best thing about wedges is that they go well with almost every attire.

  • Choose wedge sandal with good straps. The straps give a lock-down fit and pleasure feel.

  • Wedge sandals in mule style can be paired up with denim jeans.

  • Animal prints like tiger or reptile prints suit best with skirts and shorts.

  • During summer wedge sandals can teamed with bermuda shorts, knee length skirts, cropped pants.

  • Wear high heel wedges with skirts and capris.

  • Lower heel wedges go well with shorts.

  • If you are in a grassy land or in a garden, wedge sandals give you a comfort, casual look.

Have a look at the different styles available in wedge sandals:

Cork Wedge Sandal

Metallic Wedge Sandal

Suede Wedge Sandals

Peep Toe Wedge Sandal
Slingback Wedge Sandal