Engagement is a special occasion. Engagement rings are often chosen with a lot of love and excitement. But one thing that is always in the sub conscious while choosing an engagement ring is that it needs to be a less ornate than the rings chosen for the wedding. While being very beautiful and elegant and unique in design and the overall appeal, it also needs to be a little less ornate.

Gemstone Studded Green Engagement Rings

Pinks and blues have been over exploited colors in engagement jewelry. Green engagements rings are a fresh change from the regular colors. Gemstone rings are preferred in the engagement rings by many. Go for green engagement rings studded in thin silver, gold or platinum bands. A lot of gemstones are found in beautiful shades of green ranging from light lemon green, to bright leaf green to deep henna and algae green. Any of these colors can be explored for green engagement rings. Rather they offer a pretty good choice when combined with a few highly brilliant crystals or any other gemstone.

A few of the gemstones that are available in different shades of green are citrine, chalcedony and tourmaline, Chrysoprase is also lemon-yellow kind of a green. Different colors give different hues to the metal bands that they are studded in, specially in silver. The darker shades of green tend to have a reflection on the silver, making it look all the more beautiful and mesmerizing.

If light and peppy is your style, get a citrine or a chrysoprase ring, green tourmaline ring is a bright ring with two different finishes available in it. One lustrous with prism like cuts and the other with smooth finishes. Both look nice. Chalcedony is a smooth finish stone that offers very beautiful green engagement rings. The designs and style available in chalcedony – green engagement rings offer a lot to those who looking for something subtle yet smart.
Citrine Ring
Chalcedony Ring
Tourmaline Ring