Shawls and wraps are often a part of our daily wears in some way or the other. It may be a shawl, a scarf, a stole or a general wrap, something that can be termed a wrap or a shawl is always there. Designer saw opportunity in this and came up with creative and out of the league designs in shawls and scarves. But overtime the trends saw a pattern, in the way that majority of the people preferred a certain kind of fabric or a certain kind of decorative work of the designer productions.
Seeing the popular patterns the designer shawls and wraps have inclined their designs towards these fabrics and decorative additions. Have a look:

Pashmina: A popular fabric with an unmanageable popularity and adoration. Pashmina shawls, pashmina scarves, wraps; all of them are extremely loved and worn. Designer pashmina shawls are highly demanded all over the world and thus gave designer a fabric to exploit and design in creative unusual styles.

Organza: Organza is again a beautiful fabric that has been used creatively by the designer. It is also popular as a bridal wraps material. Colorful organza wraps look absolutely stunning and sparkling. Specially for wedding and party occasions. They make good a wear with western as well as the traditional dresses.

Crochet: What an intricately woven fabric a cant do, a loosely woven fabric can ! Crochet designer wraps are worn by all the high profile celebs and people. They are the fashion accessory when you can find the right wrap in your wardrobe. Include one for your 'nothing-to-wear' times.

For decorative accessory beads and sequins are popular in stoles and shawls. Fringes are an easy way to add some glamor quotient to a normal shawl. Sequins wraps and beaded shawls are quite popular with the young crowds as well as the older age women. So if you are still not in touch with a designer, get in touch now !