Emerald is the birthstone for those born in the month of May. For those born in the May month, wearing emerald, the green beryl gemstone is advised. Emerald is a precious stone, that can be worn in a variety of jewelry forms, but it is a quite expensive gemstone. It is one of rare varieties of beryl and looks extremely beautiful too. Emerald is green in color and very bright and lustrous in its look. It has a prism like form and is laden with a lot of good luck bestowing properties for those born under the sun sign respective to the month of May.

Good luck characteristics associated with emerald are due to its metaphysical properties. Some of the important properties of emerald the green beryl gemstone are :
  • Emerald brings good luck, health and prosperity.
  • It is related to Venus - Greek goddess of beauty and is therefore believed to bring beauty.
  • Emerald is also very good for love affairs and relationships.
  • It creates a feeling of joy and vigor in the surroundings.
  • Emerald also brings about a harmony in relationships in general.

Emerald Jewelry
Even though emerald is a very precious gemstone and expensive too, it is still worn by a number of people across the globe for a variety of reasons. Gemstone jewelry is fashionable and often adorned by women. Just like other varieties of beryl, emerald is also a bright gemstone with refractive brilliance. For those who are born in the month of May, it is suggested that they wear some kind of an emerald jewelry that touches their skin. It is said to have positive impact on the bearer along with the beneficial properties of emerald – the green beryl gemstone variety.