Earth colors & tones are loved and adored shades in clothes, furnishings, accessories and a lot of everyday things. Semi precious stones, however, can differ. Semi precious stones are available in a variety of colors and many people love their stones bright and lustrous, Colors like red, green, blue and pinks are preferred in semi precious stone jewelry. But earth tones in semi precious stones looks very nice. The browns, deep browns, champagne browns, chocolate browns – all look very beautiful in semi precious stones and gemstones jewelry because of their luster and refraction.

Semi precious stones available in earth colors and tones are many. Sometimes small earth color semi precious stone crystals and earth tone beads made of gemstones. To figure out if your best stones as per your zodiac signs and birth months falls in the category of earth tone semi precious stones, see the list mentioned below:

Agate : Agate stone is found in a number of colors and has a number of variants that have an earth tone to it. For example for those who love jewelry and have their birthstone or zodiac stone as agate can choose from the agate varieties like Botswana agate, Crazy lace agate, Crab Fire agate, Fire agate, Plume Agate, etc.

Hematite: The red variety in hematite gemstone is the one that occurs in beautiful earth color. It has a raw touch to it and looks good in tribal or ethnic designs.

Smoky Quartz: Smoky quartz also has an earthen tone to it. Smoky quartz designs have explored punk designs too, besides the regular gemstone jewelry designs.

Jasper: Certain types of jasper stone have a earthen touch to them. Jewelry in Brecciated jasper, Dalmatian jasper, Leopard skin jasper, Picture jasper and Spider web jasper look absolutely stunning in earth color gemstone jewelry.