T-shirts are one of the most comfortable casual wear for men and women of any age group. For all fashion conscious women, a cool Tee paired with denim jeans or capris  is perfect to impart a smart and dashing look. Whether for daily wear or regular outing or for college wear, T shirts, in their varied styles and prints are preferred by all. Nowadays, for the young college going girls, wearing T-shirts with interesting slogans or funny captions has become very popular. The canvas of a woman's t-shirt has opened the doors for verbal comics everywhere.

T-shirts with slogans have become very popular these days. Girls just want to have fun with their T shirts. Many of the women who wear such T-shirts find it one of the best way to display their confidence, attitude and also sexuality confidently without being labeled. This is yet another way to attract guys. Whatever the reason, men's and women's t shirts with funny captions, interesting slogans are flooded in the market today. Check out some of these below: