Brass jewelry pieces are the unique ornaments which have an extremely distinctive look. It is one of those jewelery forms which can play a great accent to all kinds of outfits. Though one thing which has to be taken care of with these ornaments, is the cleanliness. It is rather imperative to maintain the neatness of the brass accessories or else they would tarnish and change color over time. At times, people prefer the tarnished look for an interesting dimension to the accessory but one should also know the correct procedure of cleaning them too.
Mentioned below are the few ways of cleaning and caring for the brass jewelry. Check them out.

Zip Pouches
To maintain the original look and feel of the brass jewelry it is best to store them in zip pouches. The more the brass accessories would be exposed to air, the more is the susceptibility of discoloring. Hence, they should be well protected in zip pouches.

Hot Water
One wash with hot water can help clean the brass jewelery to a great extent. Just use a mild soap and wash off the lather with hot water. You can witness the amount of dirt that comes out of the ornaments like necklace, bracelets etc with such a simple task.

Brass Cleaners
Brass cleaners are easily available in the market these days. All one need to do is follow the instructions on the pack and be careful of not using it on the jewelries carrying stones. The stones may not absorb the harshness of brass cleaner and thus, can end up losing their original sheen and sparkle.

Natural Cleansers
Natural cleaners can be another great option for cleaning brass jewelries. The regular ketchup found in most of the kitchens can be used for cleaning the brass ornaments. Just scrub the damaged jewelry piece toothbrush dipped in ketchup and you can see the results for yourself. Another option is to soak the discolored accessory piece into lemon juice, water and salt solution and rinsing it off with water. This can instantly sparkle clean you brass accessories. Though similar to brass cleaners, natural cleaners too might not suit the gemstones. Hence, it should be avoided with gemstone jeweleries.

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