Head scarves are a popular hair accessory as they are often used as chic hair accents. Apart from the usual way, there are numerous other interesting ideas for tying a head scarf. One can get a summery, breezy look or get a retro twist for the hair style. Some of the scarfs tying ideas are discussed as under:

Accessorise Your Hair
One of the most popular and interesting idea of using a head scarf is by treating it as a hair accessory. Just roll it in the form of a headband and you are ready with a sassy new look! Making a headband out of a scarf is quite easy. Check out how to do it:

-Fold the scarf in the shape of a narrow band or roll it in the form of a tube.
-Drape this folded or rolled scarf over the top of the head.
-Tie both of its ends in a simple knot right behind the neck.
-Lastly, either adjust the loose ends beneath the hair or let them flow free for a trendy, breezy look.

Get the Retro Look

A smartly wrapped scarf around the pony tail can lend you a retro, bohemian look. Silk scarf is a perfect choice for such a tying. Check out how to tie it:

-Make a simple pony tail by securing all or half of the hair with a rubber band.
-Fold a silk scarf either into a narrow band or roll it into a tube.
-Now pick both the scarf ends and place the center of the scarf below the base of the ponytail.
-Wrap it nicely around the pony till the tails are left of the desired length.
-Finally, tie then in a simple slip knot and let the tails hang freely for the chic retro look.

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