Meenakari refers to the art of enameling any metal surface with vibrant colors. Its an ancient art form which was brought to India by Raja Man Singh of Amber, Rajasthan during the Mughal period in 16th century. The intricate designs and beautiful craftsmanship makes Meenakari one of the most allured forms of costume jewellery pieces. One can find the most exquisite pieces of necklace, earrings etc. in Meenakari form. In the earlier times, Meenakari was done only on gold surface but today it is popularly done on almost every metal including silver and copper too.

Today Jaipur or Rajasthan has become a global hub of Meenakari. The westerners have always been fond of Indian art forms and Meenakari indeed is one of those highly revered forms. As the global territorial boundaries are depleting and the world is coming closer for business and other purposes, the scope of exposure for such rich art and crafts have grown by leaps and bounds.

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