Old is gold, old is new, gold is pearl and pearl is hot! Strange isn't it? Pearl is the gemstone or birth stone for the month of June. Since ages, in some form or the other pearl costume jewellery has been dominating the womens fashion world. The classic and elegant look of pearl necklace fascinated the women around the world. In fact, a matching cultured pearl necklace enhances the glow of your skin lifting your personality. Amongst all fashion jewelry, the elegance of pearl stands out yet makes a subtle fashion statement.

In ancient tradition, pearl necklaces were worn as status symbol by ladies from noble family. But the latest fashion trend has broke that barrier. These necklaces are graceful and becoming a must have fashion accessory for every women. If you are looking for an evergreen jewelry set, then I must say go for a pearl necklace and earring set. It will never dishearten you in any case. The sassy secret behind versatility of pearl necklace is it natural luminosity. 

Apart from using as fashion accessory, pearl has cosmetic and medicinal attribute as well. Wearing a pearl necklace for long time prevents from soar throat. Also wearing of pearl strand can cool the body system so, ladies next time do not forget to wear it to ward off pre-menstrual syndrome and to ease the menopausal temper for the older ladies. This is the proven fact which is accepted by all the researchers and scientists. I think this piece of information will be eye opener for those thinking to buy pearl jewelry and pride for those pearl addict womens.

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