Either it is precious or semi precious, the stone jewelleries are never fading fashion accessory. Amongst all the gemstone, ruby is considered the most precious and solid next to diamond. Ruby stone could be used for making bridal or fashion necklaces, finger rings, bracelets, ear studs etc. But the ruby stone finger ring looks more sophisticated than the rest jewelry. The latest fashion jewelry trend is all about playing with colors and go bold. The white diamond ring, traditionally popular as engagement ring is beaten by ruby rings. Although diamond ring fans are not lesser than the ruby but the demand of ruby ring is increasing.
Not only as fashion jewelry or engagement ring, but ruby ring signifies the celebration for 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. Apart from being considered as love symbol ruby is also the birthstone for the people born in the month of July. A large and bold ruby stone ring carries a secret message of being confident, fashionable, high taste for style and ready to flaunt what she has. Check out the below breathtaking designs!

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