Why do you wear make up? There may be multiple reasons for you to use cosmetics.
  • You might want to look attractive!
  • You might want to look younger!
  • You might want to feel good!
  • Make up might give you confidence!
  • You might need cosmetics to hide certain faults like dark circles or blemishes!
  • And you might wear make up because you know that if you look good. you'll get special treatment from most of (if not all) persons you meet!
So, cosmetics are important because of your “individual special needs.” But did you know that cosmetics have been proved beneficial for many other reasons- that too scientifically? Now you want to know how!

What Science Says About Cosmetics?

Many researches have been conducted to know the secret of beauty! And if you want to know some of these, read on to know what factors are important in cosmetic make up and which part of your body needs what types of cosmetics to make you achieve your target (good looks, youthful look etc.)

Skin Tone – The Sign of Health!

A healthy person has a uniform skin tone. So when you care for your skin, its a sign of health. However, when you don't have such healthy skin, you might use skin care cosmetics to hide certain flaws. Although most of the women can not relate the skin tone with good health, they still know that it is one of the most basic requirement for looking good and this proves the popularity of such cosmetic products as foundations and concealers.

Wrinkles- Not the Only Sign of Aging!

If you depend too much on that wrinkle control cream, you might not get too much benefits. Science shows you some more ways to hide your age- of course with the help of cosmetics again! And this secret lies with your nose. While all the organs of your body stop growing after a certain age, nose (and ears too) keep on growing. So, a comparatively bigger nose certainly will tell your age even if you are able to stop those wrinkles from appearing on your face. Some blush on can help you here. A slight nose shadowing with a contour brush can smartly make you look much younger!

Large Eyes, Full Lips- Key to Attract Men!

Large eyes have always been associated with femininity. So, if you want to attract someone, you possibly cannot avoid using mascara which makes eyes look voluminous. Eye liner and eye shadow too can assist you in your mission! As far as lips are concerned, women already have darker mouths than men (as stated by scientific studies.) Lipsticks can further make them more attractive. Red lips, in fact, are a sign of healthy blood circulation and help in sexual arousal too. International Journal of Cosmetic Science states that full lips of women are a result of female hormones and could indicate fertility. Lip balms and other cosmetics can externally help you create the look of full lips!

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