Holiday season is on and everyone is thinking of making the festive season a grand one! Lights, Christmas tree, gifts, cards- a brainstorm is going on in all the minds- how to make them all unique and memorable? These are of course, the most important aspects of a grand Christmas celebration but one more thing needs your concern and attention and that is 'Your Home'! A well decorated home lends a grand ambiance to your surroundings and enhances the joy of celebrations. Home Furnishing the most basic aspects of decorating home, without which all the other decorations loose meaning. So, lets explore, how we can use home furnishings in imaginative ways!

Curtains: Just imagine that you have decorated your Christmas tree fabulously and placed it in a corner of your room decorated with all sorts of lights and other decorative pieces and the background has a beautiful embroidered curtain having wonderful lace on fringes! Doesn't that inspire you to invest some time and money for the curtains for your windows and doors? You can choose from various decorative curtains – beaded curtains, lace curtains, embroidered curtains, printed curtains or valence curtains. If you are going for a simple one then tie ribbon bows on curtains. And yes, don't forget the cafe curtains of bathroom and kitchen. Make them in lace, sheer or lightweight fabric with one hung at the top of the window and the other positioned halfway down the window!

Table Linen: Whether dining with family or friends, one needs a well decorated Christmas table for the right mood for Christmas celebrations! Use an impressive tablecloth along with equally interesting table runner, place mats and napkins. You may, as well, use tablecloth with holiday theme! Don't forget to decorate the chairs with matching chair covers, chair mats and chair pads! If you are ready to put more efforts, decorate the chairs further by tyeing ribbons and bells!

Bed Linen: While decorating the home for guests, don't forget to give a gift to yourself by decorating your bedroom in style! Set aside some money for a full bedroom set of your favorite color consisting of bed covering, bed throws, blanket, duvet with duvet cover and pillows in the most luxurious fabric of your dreams! A bedroom carpet or a couple of throw rugs will add spark to your room! After all, you'll need a relaxing sleep after all that hectic Christmas celebration! For kid's room you can go for bedroom set specially designed for your child including bed sheet set, bed comforter, throw blankets, window curtains etc. in all pinks or blues! Pillows in shape of butterfly or Santa's bell will also make your children happy!

Cushions: A pretty, plump cushion or a throw casually laid across a sofa or chair can really brighten up a room. Several cushions to match or contrast with your walls will bring great ambiance to the room. You can even make decorative cushions in trendy shapes like those of a triangle, heart, star or a bell! And go for stylish cushion covers decorated with laces, beads, sequins or ribbons in bright colors to bring the Christmas mood right in your room!

Bathroom Furnishings: Your bathroom, or at least the guest bathroom, is the room that all your guests will see. So don't neglect it and get some pretty bath towels and shower curtains for it. Tie the bath towels with raffia or pretty ribbon and place them on decorated bathroom racks. Among other things, decorative bath mats will give both, security and beauty to this so essential part of your home!

Those were only some of the ways to use home furnishings for decorating your home. You can let your imagination do rounds and find more innovative ways of decoration!