With luxurious and fancy clothing, we do feel like a king or a queen! However, sometimes when we pay more attention to the appearance and feel of the fabric, we somehow neglect its comfort aspect. While selecting any fabric for our clothings, we must therefore keep in mind whether it is comfortable to wear or not, especially when we are going to attend a large gathering like the holiday season parties and of course, the grand Christmas party! Comfort can only make you enjoy these parties with full enthusiasm. But this doesn't, in any ways, mean that our dresses should not be luxurious or soft and attention seekers! There are many new textile fibers that are both, luxurious and comfortable, and many of them are environmentally sustainable too!

Bamboo fiber: The revolutionary fabric made of bamboo fiber, which is extracted from bamboo, is four times softer than cotton and has sheen like silk and cashmere. It feels like satin and drapes like silk. It is a breathable fabric with superior absorption quality and due to its anti-bacterial property, it keeps you odor free. If you have a sensitive skin then you can well rely on this fiber as it is anti-allergic too! It also keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. So now wear a dress made of bamboo fiber fabric and dance without bothering yourself of anything else! And yes you'll be contributing positively towards environment too as it is eco-friendly. Great! Isn't it

Banana fiber: This plant fiber, banana fiber, is extracted from the bark of banana tree. Its appearance is very much similar to bamboo fiber fabric and is truly very fine having luster, light weight, strong and fast moisture absorption and release and yes it provides environmental protection too. Due to its higher capacity of water absorption, banana fiber clothing is very cool. As these banana fiber fabrics have a very good drape, you can convert them into garments of your choice and then enjoy the fruity events!

Polypropylene fiber: If you are going for a cool fabric, like the banana fiber, for this party season then you'll need an outer dress also that can keep you warm! If your dress is accompanied by some woolen garment then it's all right. But if not, then you'll require something like polypropylene, which is a synthetic, plastic-based fiber often used for the layer of clothing which is directly in contact with skin. It stays dry and thus keeps your body warmer. The lightweight and hydrophobic polypropylene yarns keep the moisture vapor away from skin. Now you know how to keep yourself warm while even showing off your beautiful dress!

Tencel fiber: Also known as Lyocell, tencel fiber is made from cellulose in wood pulp. This luxurious and refined fiber is soft, breathable, lightweight & comfortable and is similar to rayon in feel. It is an exceptionally strong fiber, along with being economical and makes fully biodegradable fabric. Tencel fiber fabric is often used for making garments, such as pants, shirts, suits, skirts and leggings but no one has stopped you from experimenting with it for making trendy party wear!