Christmas is over! So what? There's New Year eve celebration round the corner! Everyone of us want to look our best on this special evening! We can sure look our best just by choosing clothing that flatters our body shape. Women's clothing market is full with stylish dresses. Those of us who are style savvy have learned which styles make us look fabulous and which styles are a straight no-no. But for women who don't know that yet, there's a great lot of information to help.

Clothing Tips for Your Body Shape

The first and the foremost thing to do is determining your body shape, howsoever embarrassing it might be.

Apple Shape: if you have upper body larger than your lower body and weight gain tends to happen around the waistline, emphasize lesser on waist and broad shoulders. Go for dresses that are shaped but not tight. V-neck will give you more elongated look. Cinched waists or wrap tops and belted or nipped waist jackets will give illusion of a smaller waist. Empire style dresses with raised waist can camouflage the tummy. Skirts, fitted at the top and flaring at the hemline will balance the top and the bottom.

Don't wear boxy blazers that make waist and rest of the body appear bigger. Instead, wear single-breasted fitted blazer after ensuring that it defines the waist but is loose enough in the chest to make you comfortable.

Pear Shape: if you have a smaller upper body and weighty hips, thighs, and legs, bring attention to the upper half of your body. Go for wider necklines like bateau, squared, or cowl necks. Jackets that fall just above the hip are better than longer ones. Vertical patterns on the lower half will give slim appearance. Wear dark colors, that don't shine, on the bottom half and lighter colors on top. A full skirt with defined waist or a full, pleated knee-length skirt will conceal a wide hip and if paired with strapless cut dress, it will highlight your smaller upper half. A funnel shaped coat with buttons on the top half or with a belt will bring attention to the waist.

Don't wear clingy skirts that highlight hips, or empire waist dresses which hides the waistline. Instead go for A-line skirt or wrap dress that will accentuate your upper half.

Hourglass Shape: if you have a defined waist and curvy upper and lower body, try to draw attention to your narrow waist, or de-emphasize breasts and hips to give impression of a longer, leaner look. Waist-defining belted garments or wrap dresses, apparels with cinched waists, high raised pants and skirts, fitted skirts and dresses, all will bring out your curves. For elongated look, go for v-necks, monochromatic colors, thin & lightweight fabrics, single buttoned jackets, or empire-waist dresses.

Don't wear tight, wide-cut pants that make the bottom appear wider. Instead wear wide legged trouser which is full but not flared.

Rectangle Shape: if you have fewer defined curves and your waist, hips & breast measurements are similar to each other, try to create illusion of curves. Scoop or v-neck tops, jackets having defined waists or flaring out from the waist, tops and blouses having details around the chest area for giving shape, draping dresses having patterns on them, halter tops, gathering and pleating on sleeves and waist, Skinny jeans hugging the hips, all will help you in creating curves. Trims such as lace, beads and waist-defining belts over shirts, cardigans, coats, etc. will also help you in your task.

Don't wear bright metallic tops to avoid attention on large chest. Don't go for white belt, instead wear dark brown one and avoid horizontal stripes that tend to make anything look wider. Try monochromatic tops and bottoms that give taller and leaner look.

The most important tip is that of accepting your natural body shape and accentuating your unique beauty by experimenting with fabrics, colors, and styles!