Are you bored of the same regular types of curtains? Then we'll talk about some special window treatments that can give an aesthetic feel to your home, the Decorative Curtains!

Beaded Curtains: Beaded curtains can be used in a variety of ways, a curtain made entirely of colorful beads having strands from the top of the window right down to the floor, lends remarkable beauty to the room. A beaded curtain as a room divider defines your choicest of areas without completely closing them off from other areas. They can also close off a closet area if you have lesser space to adjust doors. Beads in contrasting colors, made of acrylic, bamboo, fabric, PVC and what not, reflect light in beautiful tones. If you don't want an entirely beaded curtain then beads can be sewn in random patterns across the fabric or can make an elegant edging. For added beauty, you may even dress up furniture with throw pillows accented with the same beaded edging as the drapes!

Embroidered Curtains: For giving an exotic charm and charisma to your home, use embroidered curtains whose elegantly shaded threads will brighten up the whole surrounding. The most suitable curtain materials for them include cotton, organdy, tissue, hand loom fabrics, and polyester. If going for hand embroidered curtain then just be careful that patterns of embroidery reveal the precision and creativity of skilled craftsmen.

Lace Curtains: If you have always longed for a romantic look for your interiors then go for the simple, traditional, and beautiful lace curtains. Although they are available in many colors these days but the white lace curtains have an extra appeal in them. They can be hung alone in rooms where privacy or controlling of lights are not a consideration and alternatively can be used over simple window shades or blinds.

Valence Curtains: Frill fabrics, that are exclusive feature of valance curtains, are also good option for giving a different look to your home. The short piece of fabric or the valence that decorates the top fourth of the window, has pleats in a variety of style. These pleated headings can be decorated with braid, ribbons, tassels and trimmings and your beautiful customized valence curtain is ready.

Cafe Curtains: Although mostly used in kitchen and bathroom, they can as well be used in any other room. A little imagination and they'll become stunning! For a layered look, matching cafe curtains can be made with one hung at the top of the window and the other positioned halfway down the window. They can be made lined or unlined in lace, sheer or lightweight fabric to give that beautiful look of your dreams!

If you don't want to spend much time or efforts at the moment, then simply go for printed curtains or draped curtains. Make them or buy them. Available in various prints and designs, these curtains can easily match the different types of walls and decor. If you don't even want to invest in curtains right now then just decorate your existing curtains with ribbons, buttons, shells or any other thing that can give that new look to your curtains! So, enjoy looking at the great pieces of artwork on your windows and doors!