All of us want to feel special and appreciated every day but more so on the lovely day of Saint Valentine's- The Valentine's Day! Whether man or woman, everyone expects token of love from their beloved. And this is one gift that should not be selected in hurry. Anyone who receives a gift, gets the idea almost instantly that how much effort has gone into thinking, selecting and making the gift special. So folks, this is the time to get ready with your gift for your special someone! Flowers, candies, chocolates, romantic dinners are always great as gifts on Valentine's Day yet they

are for the day only. Along with these standard gifts, if you present your beloved with something that he or she can use every day then it's for sure that each day will become special for both. And what's more apt than fashion accessories to give away as gifts for Valentine's Day! Here's what you can select and how you can make them personalized gifts.

Bags: They can be called the true companions of any lady or gentleman. Gift her a beautiful hand bag made of leather or stunning fabric like satin or velvet. If its an embellished bag with beads, embroidery or sequins, its all the more good. Beautiful handy coin bags are also there. You can also get her a cute cellphone bag with hearts imprinted on it so that every time you call her up, her voice remains sweet as ever! Another great option is a canvas tote bag with some love message printed on it or you can even fabric paint a personalized message on it, all with your own hands! And the lovely ladies can go for 'all time favorite wallet' for her special man. You can get it embossed with his name, heart shapes or any other message to give it a personalized touch. The same can be done with a leather messenger bag and be sure, he's going to love it.

Handkerchiefs: The most traditional gift yet so modern and contemporary in approach. The 'good for all' handkerchiefs come in variety of designs and patterns and make interesting gifts. You can select the embroidered cotton or silk handkerchiefs. Some ladies might be interested in doing embroidery themselves. They can always make it 'personal special' gift by making lovely patterns or just embroidering his name in beautiful manner. And for men, the whole market offers them a variety of lovely laced & embroidered handkerchiefs for women.

Footwear: One of the wardrobe essentials, footwear is liked equally by men and women. For women, the shoe manufacturers have come up with canvas slip on sneakers with hearts, teddy bears and similar lovely patterns on them. You can select one for her. For men, although such specially patterned shoes are tough to find but the regular and trendy shoes will make them happy anyway.

Other Fashion Accessories: There are many other fashion accessories that make great Valentine's Day gifts. There are fashion jewelery, scarves, stoles and many other such items that are all used and loved by the ladies. For men, there are neckties, cuff links, even leather & silver bracelets that can make them feel special. Accessories such as cuff links can also be personalized by getting them engraved with names, signatures or other messages.