In the coming era, the globalised apparel manufacturing industry is set to grow more and more than ever. As per an estimate, by the end of year 2010, the global garment market will reach a value of US $ 1,781.7 billion. For increasing trade and commerce, entrepreneurs are adopting new and latest techniques. More competitive strategies and business models are used to strengthen growth and profits. As the media (Internet, Television, News, Magazines) is spreading, individuals are getting more aware and demanding in terms of price, quality and design. That is why, mostly all chains of apparel are converging towards high quality and unique fashionable designs. It is very important and vital to survive in the global era. With the pace of change, it is really important for the apparel manufacturers to bear the global competition.

Still, according to the dilution of Multi Fiber Agreement, lot of apparel workers have lost their jobs located at various parts of Asia, Latin America, USA and Central America. Also, in the business week magazine, an article had published in which it was stated that around 30 million jobs of Chinese have lost and the major hit countries are Mexico, Turkey and some African nations. This was one of the biggest short term transfer in history as per the world bank report. Despite this, apparel industry is at very high pace rate and from all across the globe, it provides employment to innumerable number of individuals.