Basically, fashion is a big term which is not related to only clothing. Its the way of life, meant for big businesses. The fashion industry is one of the most glamorous, creative and fascinating industry, playing a vital role in the industrial segment. It has entered all arenas of women's life, starting from hats to high heeled shoes. The fashion sensibility and ideas for new and fresh concepts from time to time has driven fashion industry to a new upper level.

Fashion is basically a personal idiom of mood, status, attitude and individualistic idea of style. Fashion trend keeps on changing from time to time and is best described by the latest style which is followed at any point of time. This ever changing trend makes this industry more dynamic and challenging. Some factors which are responsible for influencing and affecting fashion industry are fashion events, celebrities, media, weather, innovative technologies, geographical location etc.

Fashion industry not only comprises apparel and textile industries, but also accessories that feature in a woman's wardrobe like jewelry, headgear and footwear. Known for its creativeness, fashion industry requires innovativeness, sound state of art technology and continuous change.