A good quality mattress is very essential, not only for sound sleep but also to be fit. When a mattress is made with utmost care, it is neither too hard nor too soft. It has the right mix of comfort and flexibility to support our spinal curve. A mattress can be said to be a quality product only when it keeps our back in a natural position thus avoiding any kind of health hazard. Mattress manufacturers have to be very vigilant while making mattresses. Let's see how it is made?

The most prevalent mattresses, today, are basically of two types- innerspring and boxspring. The main components for innerspring mattresses are wires that are used to make springs and a semi-rigid netting or wire mesh called insulator. Apart from insulator, there are cushioning layers that can be made of any material such as natural fiber, polyurethane foam, or polyester. Then there are flanges made of fabric, and the hogs rings of metal. Top, bottom, and side panels of a mattress is made of a durable fabric cover quilted over a backing of foam or fiber. The binding tape that holds the outer mattress cover together is made of heavy-duty, fibrous, synthetic material.

The insulator and the cushioning layers are affixed to the innerspring unit- a series of wire coils. The insulator is fitted directly onto the innerspring and prevents the next layer i.e. the cushioning, from molding to the coils. The cushioning layers can differ in number from mattress to mattress, ranging from 2 to 8 layers and from 1/4 inch to 2 inches in thickness. The fabric flanges are the connecting panels that are attached to the quilted mattress cover with large, round staples called hogsrings. The top, bottom, and side panels of the mattress are stitched together with border tape.

Some manufacturers also make foundation mattresses or boxsprings that lie directly beneath the mattress, resting on the frame of the bed. Some of them have spiked coil configuration where springs or torsion bars are used for giving support. In others, springs are not used and they are made of wooden frame only. Boxsprings having spiked coil design are most commonly available. The boxspring can be upholstered. Even if no upholstery is used then also it always gets a fabric covering.

If we follow certain mattress guidelines, then we'll surely get our due sleep comfort.