The Apparel market is very up to date and pacing up at a very high rate. Though, some obstacles are there which hinders the growth of this industry like :

  1. The raw material is usually procured from under developed or developing countries and these countries don't have appropriate manpower and resources to explore them.

  2. The developing and under developed countries do not have proper finance to set up factories for garment production.

  3. Day by day, demand for apparel is growing, though production rate is not able to match with ever rising demand. Still more facilities are required to match up with the demand.

  4. Globalization has helped a lot in raising apparel market, but due to increased competition, its difficult to meet deadlines and maintenance of quality.

  5. Some countries are facing very less competition in apparel industry, for example China is manufacturing very high quality apparels due to availability of cheap labor.

  6. Apparel industry is also known as fashion driven industry. Fashion keeps on changing and firms have to complete the orders in very less time. This kind of scenario makes the whole condition to work under high pressure.