We are the children of nature and just like we have some responsibility towards our parents, we do have some towards earth and its environment too. The least we can do to show our concern is to go green while living our life. One of the most widely used daily items are our clothing. While we cannot dictate the terms to apparel, clothing and garments companies about manufacturing their products yet we can contribute in changing their minds about using eco- friendly raw materials and processes. We can go for green apparels!

While going green, do we have to sacrifice style and wear whatever is available? No! Today, many fashion designers have also become responsible and are adopting eco- friendly clothing lines. So, now we can get fashion clothing that is environmental friendly too! But do the tags saying “Eco- Clothing” are enough to identify such garments? Are there other facts too that can be known and checked while going for eco- fashion? Of course there are! Here are some ways to make a green wardrobe.

Earth-Friendly Fabrics: There are three categories of such fabrics. One, fabrics made from recycled materials such as fleece that is made from used plastic bottles. Two, the natural fabrics but natural is not enough, they have to be organic or renewable too. If you opt for traditional cotton, it is grown with tons of pesticides and processed with even more chemicals. Organic cotton can be the answer to this. Other natural fabrics like wool, linen, and silk that are renewed with organic makeover so as to make them less toxic to the environment, can also be used. Third, Renewable fabrics, in the sense that the source of such fabrics can be replenished easily, such as bamboo, jute, soy or corn fabrics. Fabrics like polyester or nylon are not renewable as their source, petroleum and its products, take millions of years to get created.

Eco- friendly laundering: Researches have shown that the fault does not, so much, lies with the construction and distribution of garments but the way they are cleaned. Washing clothes can consume a lot of water, energy and chemicals. Go for green threads, the one that can be cold washed and line dried. Learn how to eco- laundry.