Windows are indispensable parts of a house. If selected thoughtfully, they add character to any room. Before buying Window Treatments, one has to consider at least four aspects- Privacy, Light Control, Heat & Sound Insulation, and Style.

Cellular Fabric Shades: Made of honeycomb fabric, cellular shades give privacy, sound & heat insulation as well as light filtration. Single-cell shades are good for small and medium-size windows and double-cell shades for larger ones. Darker colors cut sun glare more efficiently than lighter ones and fade-proof colors block nearly 100% UV rays.

Roller Shades: For privacy and light control, roller shades made of vinyl or fabric are a good option. Fabric used for making these shades include both light filtering and room darkening materials. They come in standard version or with a reverse roll where the fabric hides the roll of the shade, or with a cassette headrail system. You can customize them with a variety of trims, hems, and decorative pulls.

Blinds: Mainly for heat insulation and protection from sunlight, Blinds come in horizontal and vertical versions. They provide nearly private environment as there is a small possibility of seeing through the slats at certain angles. Horizontal blinds also called Venetian blinds, are made from metal, vinyl, aluminum, real wood, or faux wood in a range of slat sizes that overlap each other when closed. You can have decorative tapes to add color to the blind. Vertical blinds are often made of fabric and can open quickly from the side or be split in the middle. Most verticals have decorative valance that hides all the hardware on top. Wood blinds are great for light control and keep rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Drapes and Curtains: The timeless window solutions made of fabric can be used for any purpose just by choosing right type of fabric. Light or dark color will let in or block light and sunrays. A lining can be used for added privacy and longevity of these curtains. Drapes and Curtains are, in fact, great for window insulation. Medium-colored draperies with white-plastic backings can reduce heat by as much as 33%.

All of the above window treatments can well be used for rendering style to your rooms. Just select the patterns according to the mood you want for the room- casual, romantic or formal. A good amount of fabric flowing from floor-to-ceiling gives a formal look. Swags made of sheer fabric draped across wide window rings lend contemporary elegance and a simple frame covered in a colorful cotton fabric can be great for casual look. You can even take expert opinion for right selection of window treatments.