The term 'Hammock' has come to be a synonym of 'Relaxation'. We enjoy the cool breezes, the sun rays, beautiful scenario, all lying in the hammock. However, for getting optimum benefits from your hammock, you have to be cautious while buying it, otherwise, you may end up with health problems like backache and the like. Here are some tips for rightly selecting your hammock

Fabric Hammocks

If comfort is what is on your mind then nothing is better than a fabric hammock but certain fabrics are more suitable than others. Cotton hammocks are great for indoor use and occasionally for outdoor use. Cotton is comfortable and breathable but is prone to mold & mildew and can't be left outside in bad weather. Polyester is very durable, weather resistant, lesser prone to mold & mildew and needs little maintenance so it is perfect for outdoor use. Canvas is also very tough & durable, making it ideal for outside use. However, canvas hammocks can be made from cotton or polyester so know what the material is so that proper care can be taken of it.

Rope Hammocks

They are classy and stylish but relaxing on a rope hammock can be tricky. However, the material from which rope hammock is made can greatly contribute to its comfort and durability. Cotton rope is quite comfortable as it stretches according to body shape, and also feels good against skin. Durable & weather resistant polyester is not so comfortable but ideal for regular outside use. Polypropylene, shiny synthetic and mildew resistant rope, is also good for outdoor use but wears out quickly if left in direct sunlight.

Hammocks for smaller Spaces

If you are tight on space, choose from among hammock chairs or portable hammock with stand. Hammock chairs need only one point of support. Fabric choice has to be made in similar manner as for full sized hammock. For a family with children, they are all the more suitable as they are more stable and kids can't fall out of them easily. Buy the stand and hammock chair together after checking that both fit each other perfectly. Although hammocks are technically portable but some of them are even more portable examples being folding or collapsible hammock chairs. Consider the size when buying such portable hammocks with the view of storage and transportation. Take the light weight hammocks but avoid the flimsy frames which are not able to support much weight. When buying, make sure that it supports, at least, double of your own weight.

Size of Hammock

Always read the dimensions of the hammock, reason being some names might suggest that a hammock is larger than it really is. If buying for fitting two persons, then go for one which is a 54-inch-wide by 84-inch-long hammock and if its for family purpose then 60 inches wide will do. If hammock is to be used by a single person at a time then 45 inches wide and between 76 and 84 inches long is enough.

Camping Hammocks

There are many uses of hammocks. When buying a hammock for camping go for fabric hammock which is more comfortable. A bigger hammock will store your gear off the ground. If camping in bad weather then also buy a rain canopy so that you remain dry and include mosquito netting to keep yourself safe and secure. Always dry out hammocks completely before storing back.