Home Textiles have always been important for providing comfort, protection and decoration of home interiors. Fashions keep on changing but the styles and fabrics used for home furnishings rotate in a cyclic manner. As a result of significant developments, consumers have a wide variety of choice to be made from among fiber combinations, fabrics, designs, textures and colors. There are conventional fabrics and patterns as well as modern performance fabrics that are antimicrobial, stain and fire resistant as well as fragrance encapsulating and environmental friendly. So, what are the present trends regarding interior furnishings. Come, let's explore!

Eco-friendly furnishings: People these days are becoming more and more environmental conscious having preference for naturally occurring options such as soy-based cushions or upholstery made of recycled polyester. Cotton, jute, bamboo fiber, and other such natural fabrics are extensively used for various furnishings such as bed linen, table linen, carpets and rugs.

Vintage home furnishings: One of the styles making way into people's home is that of antiquity. Not only people are preferring antique furnitures but also opting for vintage and royal fabrics like cashmere bed throw or silk comforter and duvets.

Embellished furnishings: Decoration is associated with beauty and whatever is beautiful, is liked by people. Traditional embellishments such as sequins and fur along with contemporary over- scale prints, graphic designs, all are in vogue.

Functional Home Furnishings: It's not like that people are only concerned about the beauty aspect of the home furnishings. They pay equal attention to functional aspects too. Now all home dwellers, most of them health conscious, want such performance fabrics for home furnishings that have antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, and that can regulate temperature as well. Durable and easy to clean fabrics are the choice of the present day.

That was a little effort to find about the fabrics that are mostly preferred by people at large for home furnishing purpose. There are other interior decor trends too, like color, wall furnishings, flooring, lighting etc. that need equal amount of attention so that homes may become truly welcoming!