Fresh and New Year 2009 is here! I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year! New is always charming, always better from the old. Something new is being developed at every moment- a new life, a new song, a new dish, a new cloth! From being made from natural fibers like cotton, jute and wool, the fabric companies introduced new clothes made of synthetic fibers. Then these synthetic fabrics were improvised upon and introduced with new features for comfort in all seasons- warm fabrics for winters, cool fabrics for summer and water repellent fabrics for rainy season. Now with all its research and development, textile industry has introduced new and innovative smart fabrics- the hi- tech textile. Let's have a look on some of the new textiles in this new year!

New Electronic Wearables

Health Smart fabrics: Fabrics enriched with vitamins, algae or nutrients spare us from taking them orally. Electrical wearable are also there for tracking heart rate, ECG & body temperature or warn against allergy causing elements. This is not all, smart bras can detect breast cancer at early stages. Now these doctors in form of fabrics can be with us all the time! Some fabric companies are researching for sensors which can measure conductivity, electrolyte level, temperature and pH of the users' sweat, so very useful for sportswear.

Heat Modifying Textiles: No need of different clothes for different seasons now. Heat Modifying fabrics can make the heat pass out when body gets hot and as it gets cold, they keep back the heat. Some of them are made with electric wiring to regulate the body temperature. Researches are on for Inherently Conductive Polymers (ICP) so that fabric can make the body warm or cold without any electrical wiring, lets see whether we can wear it in 2009!

Interesting Smart Wearables: Forget those anti bacterial ointments and powders, just wear underpants treated with silver for permanent anti-bacterial treatments and also get rid from odor. If you have that common embarrassing problem of emitting gas, then wear underpants that filter out the smell of emitted gas through a triangular pocket strategically placed over the bottom containing carbon for filtering out smelly gases.

Progress is not only made in the field of electronic wearables, smart products too are there for your convenience. Get a new smart fabric keyboard this year and roll up to keep it in your pocket. Use it with your pocket PC or blueberry. Now your office moves with you! Are you a music enthusiast, get a bag made of smart fabric and operate your MP3 in bag through its straps, keep your hands free for other works! There are many more smart fabric products for your use. So, what are you getting this new year!