Do you enjoy watching movies? May be yes or it can be no too! Anyway, I am sure, in your whole life, you must have watched some. Just try to recollect certain scenes from the movies you have watched- happy scenes, sad ones, hilarious and the emotional scenes! Do they differ in color scheme? Do the actors wear colors matching to the moods of the scenes? Have you ever thought that a particular other color would have matched more suitably to a scene? Hope, you have understood the importance of colors on our clothes, and surroundings that do affect our moods and personality.

Dress Colors and their Impact

All the colors have special significance. There are certain colors that suit our skin color more than the other ones. Just watch for the compliments you get occasionally and you'll soon get to know what colors suit you the most! Then there is the factor of our moods that subtly influence our decisions about wearing a certain color on a day. It is this importance of colorful clothes that inspires the textile industry for investing time and energy in tedious dyeing process and give the clothes a variety of colors.

Red: The color of passion, sensuality and boldness, suits the outgoing personalities who want to be noted by everyone everywhere. To tone it down, it should be paired with somewhat soft hues- e.g. red with blue or gray. Avoid wearing it on very formal occasions and where chances of conflicts are higher.

Blue: The color of tranquility, sensitivity, warmth and trust, soothes the nerves and is effective in settling down any sudden bursts of emotions. Its darker shades are great for formal events while lighter ones will suit the casual settings.

Green: The color of nature, life and growth, brings order and balance. Jewel tones are good for dates and evenings. The softer, pastel shades are for daytime. Lighter shades of green are also healing, just check at any hospital.

Black: The color of power, elegance, sophistication and even mystery. Black suits are most popular for formal gatherings and parties. Its a boon to the fat as black make them look slimmer. Match it with any color and bring elegance to your personality.

Yellow: The color of youthfulness, joy, and alertness of mind, is sometimes considered too bright but its different shades from pastel to dark ones can be combined with any other color to bring cheer at any fun event.

Pink: The color of love, affection, gentleness, femininity and calm mostly loved by the girls. It is the perfect color for romantic dates.Those were some of the basic colors our clothes have on them.

I'll bring some more colors to you on my next post. Meanwhile, you'll love to take a color personality test.