When you eat something, you know what is it made up of! Say a chocolate cake made up of flour and eggs and sugar and chocolate.........! When you write a sentence you use vowels, consonants, words, punctuation marks......! A tree is grown from a seed and it needs other things too- water, manure, sunrays ....! Everything is made of some or the other raw material. Do you know what is your favorite dress made up of? You must be thinking, “You have gone crazy! Of course I know, it is made of fabric. Got it?” Oh Yeah! Your dress is made of fabric and fabric is made of....... lets say cotton.........and cotton is from......a plant.......how from a plant?

Fibers, Yarns and Threads- the Basic Components

You are right, your dress must have been made of cotton, wool, jute and many others. But fibers can not be directly made into garments. They first have to be converted into yarns. Thus yarn is a long continuous length of interconnected fibers that are woven into fabrics. The fabrics are then cut and sewn to make a garment and needless to say, the cut pieces are sewn by threads, again made of fibers.

Thus you can see how important these three components of textile, Fibers, Yarns and Threads are?

Sources and Applications

Fibers – the raw material of textile can be obtained from natural sources like plants such as cotton, jute or animal hair such as wool and even from minerals like asbestos. That's not all, fibers are also made artificially which are known as man made fibers or synthetic fibers such as polyester and rayon. These fibers are then spun into yarns of different types. Fabric Construction yarns is also very interesting process to know about. Yarns and Threads are not only used for basic construction of fabrics and other textile products. Yarns and threads used in various arts and craft works like embroidery, knitting, crocheting etc. are also important from very ancient times.

I am continuously trying to make you all know about the lesser thought of aspects of textile and fabrics. Keep guessing, what could be the next topic! See you on my next post then!