Bags are for our comfort, for carrying different items in an organized way so that we may execute our work with ease. Bags also give style to our personality. However, if we only carry a bag for style and neglect its functionality, we might face embarrassing situations anytime! So what are the facts that must be considered while selecting a bag?

Simple Tote Bags: If a bag is needed for holding personal items of daily necessities, as required by beach goers or college students or for shopping, picnicking, etc., a simple tote bag made of fabric or leather is good enough. Fabric tote bags are tough and durable, thus ideal for daily heavy use. Canvas, nylon, cotton, jute, jacquard, suede, etc. are mostly used for making fabric tote bags. Leather tote bags, apart from being useful, are stylish and have a luxurious appearance. They are ideal for formal occasions. Fabric totes are generally cheaper than leather ones.

Work Bags: If a bag is needed for office purpose, a complicated tote bag with zippered pockets and compartment, fully-lined interior, cellphone holder, pen loop and other such features, is required. If laptop is one of the items that has to be carried then more care has to be taken while choosing a bag which should be according to the size of the laptop. Padded laptop compartments are great for reducing shock damage. Padded or soft wide shoulder straps are good for heavy burdens while non-padded or narrow straps are proper for carrying lightweight items.

Custom Tote Bags: If a cheap option for promoting one's business is needed then custom tote bags with unique logos or messages are the best. They are also good for trade show giveaways, grand openings, institution anniversaries, product promotion and so on. These personalized tote bags are generally made of cotton, canvas, etc. Personalized tote bags as gifts to loved ones are good for enhancing relationships too.

Storage Totes: Whether the toys and tools around the yard have to be picked up, off-season clothes have to be stored or the frequently used small items have to be collected, storage totes are needed everywhere- at home and in offices or industries. Their capacity ranges from about 5 gallon to 45 gallon or even bigger. Some of these totes have two or four wheels for easily moving heavier items. Strength and durability are the main concerns while choosing a storage bag. Weather resistant plastic and fiberglass models are good for general household or industry use. Canvas storage totes are best for indoor use in offices, bedrooms or bathrooms.

Garment Bags: When the clothes have to be effectively prevented from wrinkle, damage or odor, garment bags have no match. They can be easily placed in wardrobes or traveling bags. Leather

garment bags, stylish and functional, are the most expensive ones. Vinyl garment bags, relatively new, are easy-to-clean and dust and moth resistant. They cost less than leather garment bags but more than nylon bags which are plain and mostly expandable with multiple compartments to hold clothes. Vertical garment bags, designed for long travels, have one or two huge main compartments and several other smaller sections. Easy-wrinkling clothes can be hanged in it and many other items of different sizes can be stored.