Stage is synonymous to expression of arts. Fabric too is used artistically on stage to help express arts in effective ways. Fabric is used primarily in making of stage curtains and backdrops. There are various types of stage curtains that can be made of different types of textile fabrics. There are Proscenium Curtains which are mainly used as a divide between the audience and the artists. This one category of stage curtains is divided into many other classifications based on their looks and methods of manufacturing. Then there are Masking Curtains whose purpose is to hide the off stage area, divide the stage, and provide access to the main stage area. There are again many classifications of these masking curtains. The backdrops made of fabrics are used for scenic elements on the stage or for lighting effects or projection. They can be painted or printed by various methods.

We are introduced to stages right from our childhood when we see them in churches and schools but as we grow up and see many more stages either in concerts or performance shows, we never think of the unusual tasks performed by the stage curtains