I am back with the impacts of colors on moods and personality. I hope you enjoyed reading the part I of this article where I had explained the effects of the colors red, blue, green, black, yellow and pink. So, what color are you wearing today? One of these, or some other color!

Well! before moving on to the analysis of other colors for your clothes, I'll just share some more information about how colors are applied to the fabrics. Of course, you know that textile or a garment is dyed for imparting colors to them, but do you know what are the exact textile chemicals used for the purpose? You will be amazed to know the wide variety of dyes, pigments and chemicals used for dyeing our clothes. The sad aspect of this is their polluting effect on the surrounding environment. But, textile industry has found out solutions for this also by finding out herbal dyes. In fact, if you are one of those who are conscious about the environment, you can yourself grow herbs for home dyeing some of your fabrics, just for experiment and adventure too- adventure of finding your favorite color naturally!

More Colors for Apparels

Gray: The color of seriousness, dependability and stability, gray is considered to be brainy. It reflects a balanced personality. Wear gray in job interviews to show how responsible you are but all gray is boring so compatible accessories will make it more elegant.

Violet: The combination of red and blue, violet is the color of purpose, royalty, and imagination. Red is passionate hot color while blue is cooling and calm. Other accessories have to be chosen selectively when wearing this color as it also reflects sensuality, desire and mystic. Shades should also be selected cautiously so that the wearer doesn't appear too flashy. Light purple reflects femininity and romantic feelings while dark shades are somewhat gloomy and sad.

Brown: Sometimes considered dull, brown reflects simplicity, friendliness, and dependability. Its lighter shades act as excellent backgrounds for other colors appear richer and brighter. It is a color of autumn and fall season. Dark browns can also replace black for a slight warmer tone.

Orange: The combination of red and yellow, the vibrant orange reflects enthusiasm and creativity. Having resemblance with autumn leaves, this color represents transition. It is mentally stimulating and attracts people. The right color for parties! But be cautious, screaming orange can even alienate people.

White: The union of all colors, simple and pure white represents wholeness and completion. It is soft and when combined with any other color, it makes you distinct wherever you are, in social gatherings, parties, or corporate meetings. It reflects innocence, purity, kindness, truth and a new beginning, why else it be preferred by the brides!

What a colorful combination! I felt great while writing this article and am hopeful you too find it interesting to read!