Some men look good all the time. Others look good sometimes. There are certain men who don't look good at all. What's the reason behind this? The answer is the kind of suit they wear. The people who listen to their body types and wear suits accordingly will definitely look attractive. For some of the men, it comes naturally but there are others who have specific requirements about their clothing that will force people to look at them! Here are some do's and don'ts for your body type!

Tall and Thin

Go for heavier fabrics to give some additional weight to your body. Tweed or a heavier weight worsted wool are perfect.
Choose lighter colors as they make things appear bulky. Such colors as khaki or gray will do.
Suits with three buttons will make you look attractive. If you choose a two button jacket then ensure that the button stance is closer to your celiac plexus than your navel.
Vents are the slits at the back of the jacket for allowing easier movement. You can either go for no vent or a single vent as you don't have much of a rear to make room for.
The rise of the pants is the distance from the waistband to the crotch. Ensure that your pants have a regular rise which will help bring balance and symmetry to your already long legs and torso.

Warning: Avoid vertical stripes and dark colors.

Muscular and Weighty

Go for lightweight fabrics as you already have a fuller frame with much bulk. Soft, worsted wools are fine.
Use dark colors, such as dark navy or black, as they give an impression of being slim. Same color from top to bottom makes a person look taller and thinner as they don't divide you in half at the waist by bringing attention to your belly.
Solids or vertical stripes are best for making you look slender. You can even choose tiny and innocuous patterns for a bolder look but go ahead cautiously.
The two-button jackets will be fine for you as they don't draw attention to your bulky frame.
Single-vent jackets are good for you as they give you extra room you need devoid of any extra attention.
Warning: Avoid loud patterns and double-vented jackets

Short Guys

Go for subdued patterns.
Vertical stripes are good as they will make you look taller.
Jackets with one or two buttons are best for you. Lower button stance will give a proportionate look to your frame and will make you look some taller.
Double vents will create a longer silhouette that will go well and give some length to your frame.
The lower the rise of the pants, the longer your body will look. So, go for low rise pants.
Warning: Avoid loud suit patterns, such as houndstooth, herringbone, glenurquhart check, windowpane check, etc. Also avoid cuffs on your pants as they will shorten your legs.

So, what do you feel now? Does your wardrobe requires a change? Stay well and look good!