As if today's fast and stressful life is not enough, there is environmental pollution everywhere to aggravate the health problems. We do physical exercises, opt for a healthy diet, try to follow a stress free life, then also suffer from one or the other ailments. In such a situation, textile industry has also become somewhat conscious about its negative contribution to the environment pollution through the textile chemicals uses in its various manufacturing processes. As a result many textile manufacturers have opted for non polluting ways of producing textile and garments. One of these solutions are the Herbal Textile.

What is Herbal Textile?

When the textile is dyed with the extractions obtained from various herbs, they are referred to as Herbal Textile. No chemicals are used in its dyeing process. Some of you may equate herbal dyes with vegetable dyes but they are different as the herbal dyes also carry some or the other medicinal value. Moreover, while dyeing with vegetable dyes, some chemicals are used as catalysts, where as when dyeing with herbal extractions, none of the chemicals are used. Herbal dyes also come in almost all the colors and shades.

The Healing Value

Now you can get herbal textile on your list of items for healthy lifestyle. Why...? Herbal Textile helps us in fighting many common and prevalent diseases such as hypertension, heart ailments, asthma and diabetes. If you have any doubt just go through the herbs used for making these textile! Indigo and Turmeric fights skin diseases, Cuscus grass is good for asthma patients, Sandalwood, with its mild fragrance makes you stress free avoiding hypertension and diabetes....! In fact, the native Americans used only herbs to dye, which was truly a natural and healthy way to dress up!

So, now you can start searching for apparels, bedsheets, undergarments, blankets etc. made of herbal textile to make you feel cool! More these clothings and other items stay close to your skin, more your health will be fine!