In one of my previous posts, I had introduced you to the amazing world of textile where not only dresses are sewn but also a varied range of items are made with the simple and all pervasive- textile fabrics! Can you name one very important portion of your house, which is, of course not wholly dependent on fabrics but where the application of textile products are as essential as in any other part of the house? I guess, you will get it right! After all you have read the title before you started reading the article- yes of course, it is kitchen Linen- one of the most desirable home furnishings.

Tips for buying Kitchen Linens

The market is flooded with various types of aprons, kitchen gloves & mittens, kitchen towels, pot holders, and everything loved by your kitchen. Here are certain tips for your ultimate kitchen friends- the kitchen linens!

Apron: Go for the standard barbecue apron, not very short or long, just mid length, to help keep spills off from your clothes. One that ties at neck and waist will be great- neither pushing off nor holding you from free movement. Remember to check the pockets- center-stitched bottom compartment pouches are good for keeping tools and recipes handy and for easy reach. Washable and durable Linen or cotton material is desirable and if made of flame resistant fabric, nothing compares it.

Pot holder: Round or square with traditional or modern designs, these fabric pads for handling hot cooking utensils must have plenty of insulation for resisting heat and should be moisture resistant. Just check the average size of your kitchen utensils and go for pot holders of complimentary sizes. Very large or very small will not fulfill any purpose. Give preference to cotton, linen and fire resistant fabric.

Kitchen Towels: Keep handy kitchen towels of different sizes within easy reach for drying dishes and just-washed hands. Ensure that they are made of easily washable & dried, highly absorbent, and durable fabric material such as cotton, linen, terrycloth, or microfiber.

Cheese Cloth: Handy cheese cloths for multipurpose kitchen uses such as basting, stuffing poultry, canning, straining, wrapping cottage cheese, wine making, or hanging curd are great if made of high quality woven cotton or linen. Both, fine and coarse cheese cloth are desirable- fine one to drain soften cheese, yogurt, & butter and coarse one for draining curd, lining cheese shaping molds & cheese press.

Kitchen Glove & Mitten: Mittens made of linen or cotton should be thick and insulated enough so as to resist heat properly. However, too much thickness sometimes hinders easy operation so extremity should be avoided. Again, flame resistant material is ideal.

Hope you have a joyful and safe cooking everyday and enjoy the delicious home made dishes with family and friends!