Beachwear as the name suggests refers to the item of clothing worn by people at the beach. Women are closely related with beachwear. This is the reason why, whenever we talk about beach clothing the picture of a woman (wearing a beach suit) flashes through our mind at once. Frankly speaking, beachwear most suits on women and increases their sex appeal.

In today's world, when fashion consciousness is increasing at a fast pace, women are the most exposed to it. In this context, beachwear holds an important place as a fashion wear. Beachwear, since their invention in the early 1900s, have undergone a considerable change. Initially, the beachwear or beach suits were made of thick cloth. Women beach suits were also designed to cover the whole body. But today's women's beachwear are made of modern fabrics like nylon, acrylic, polyester, velvet and so on. Besides giving it an elegant look, these fabrics made the beachwear more flexible and comfortable to wear.

Today's women's beachwear are much more revealing and exotic than the previous one. They provide a glamorous look to the women and enhances their beauty. Nowadays, even fashion shows are arranged in different cities of the world, for demonstrating the various types of beachwear and swim wear designed by fashion designers. The new styles and types of beachwear introduced through these fashion events are relevant to women only.

The various types of women beach clothing items in fashion at present include Women Swimsuits, Bandeau, Women Pareos, Halters, Sarongs, Beach Skirts, Bikinis and many more. No doubt, the increasing fascination for beachwear among the young women is giving rise to an all exclusive range of beach clothing.