Fashion is a term so popular today that I found no reason to explain it to you. So let's come to the point. Whenever we talk about fashion, the first image that flashes in our mind is the image of a woman. Indeed, they are women alone who are most closely associated with fashion. However, in today's world, men are also not in isolation from fashion. But, studies reveal that the craving for fashion is much intense in women than anyone else.

Fashion shows are being organized from time to time by various organizations in different parts of the world. In these fashion shows, models used to wear various types of fashionable cloths and walk through the ramp, to demonstrate these cloths to the fashion lovers over there. By and large, the changing fashion trends demonstrated through these events are also peculiar to women. Almost 90% of the fashion events and fashion shows are aimed at introducing new types of women clothing, designed by various fashion designers. The fashion events for men are almost none in relation to women.

The most well known fashion events organized in various parts of the world time and again include London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Singapore Fashion Festival and so on. In all these and many other such events, women play a vital role. Besides fashion events, there are a lot of magazines, television channels, websites and other media for promoting fashion. Whatever, the presence of women is indispensable for the existence of fashion industry and fashion events.

Besides women fashion clothing, other women fashion accessories include costume jewelry, women's footwear, fashion bags, ladies leather wallets; to name a few. Fashion and women are more or less complementary to each other. Fashion prospers due to women, and women in turn are served by fashion.