Silk as you must be knowing is a fabulous fabric. Silk possesses unique qualities of its own. It is a fabric among fabrics. That's the reason of it being used in almost all types of cloths nowadays. Mostly used for making women cloths, silk is a fabric closely associated with sarees. Silk saress are a fascinating clothing item of women, even now. In today's modern world, when the traditional women cloths are being replaced by the contemporary clothing like jeans & top; silk sarees have not lost their charm at all.

A gracefully wrapped silk saree reveals the real beauty of a women. They are commonly wore by women on special occasions like marriages, parties, festivals etc. Even teenage girls are admiring them very much these days. Apart from its gorgeous and shimmering look, silk has several other qualities which make it a unique fabric for women clothing. Silk is the most hypoallergenic (good for sensitive skin) fabric; its smooth surface resists soil; it is the strongest natural fiber; silk is easy to color, spin, weave, knit and sew. All these characteristics of silk make it the most appropriate fabric for making sarees.

Nowadays, there are a large variety of silk sarees available in the market. The most prevalent types include Tissue Silk Sari, Banaras Silk Sari, Bandhani Silk Sari, Maheshwari Silk Sari, Tussar Silk Sari, Embroidered Silk Sari and Baluchari Silk Sari. These sarees adds to the beauty of women, which is their most precious asset. No doubt, silk sarees are a woman's pride.