Planning and organizing a memorable wedding party requires a good amount of attention. Table decoration is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. As such, a thoughtful selection of table linen is a must for such an important occasion. However, there are so many fabrics available these days that everyone seems to be puzzled about how to find wedding table linens. I've made an attempt to categorize some of the fabrics that can lend a special feel to your special moment.

The popular fabric choice for wedding table linen is the formal one made of damask, linen, or lace, in neutral colors like white or ivory - plain, monogrammed or embroidered. You can always deter from this formal choice and decide the look you want for your wedding table linen.

Pintuck fabric – They can be defined as narrow, sewn rows of fabric. Pintuck fabrics have interesting diamond or square patterns on them. They'll give a little bulge to the table without looking odd. However, choose your glass crockery with wider bases because the tucking on the fabric might make it difficult to balance things on it.

Bichon fabric - This fabric has a "crushed" or "wrinkly" texture, and thus, sometimes, it is referred to as crushed linens. These fabrics are a little shiny and are made of more delicate fabrics, therefore costs more than some other luxury linens.

Dupioni- It is also called Shatung Silk. Dupioni has an interesting stubbled texture with a slight sheen. Its unique double weave lets the two colors shine through at the same time. It is crisp to touch and doesn't wrinkle badly. In fact, many bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses are also made of this royal fabric.

Lamour – They are shiny linen, very soft to touch. Lamour is best when looking for a little shine in your event.

Bengaline – It is a poplin-like fabric having a crosswise corded effect. Therefore, it adds texture to the table design. It also has a shiny surface which makes it perfect for special occasions.

Organza or Chiffon Fabrics: If you want a softer effect, use sheer fabrics like organza or chiffon. Sometimes fitted linen is used on tables. If you want to have an overlay on the top of such regular poly cotton or damask table linen, then also, sheer fabrics are the best choice.
When you've selected the fabric of your choice, just follow some table decorating ideas and make your wedding a memorable event for yourself and your guests.