Leather is a very important stuff. It is widely used now a days in multiple applications. Today when the world is becoming a global market, leather accessories holds an important place there. Leather industry is a booming industry at present. Leather goods are in great demand the world over. This is the reason, why a number of large leather industries has been established in various nations of the world for the past few years.

Leather however is not a new item to the world. It was also used in the ancient times by the medieval men. Those people used to hunt wild animals for their food and clothing needs. They used animals' skin for covering their body and protecting it from exposure to the external environment. Some archaeologists had also revealed, that various simple kind of leather utensils were also made by these primitive men. Whatever, that was a very basic or simple use of leather.

Today with the advancement of science and technology, new types of leather have been invented. Also, new and more advanced type of leather goods are being manufactured now a days, which was never be a case in the ancient times. The most common types of leather in use at present includes Paola, Monami, Sienna and Verona, among others. Most popular types of leather products or accessories in fashion these days are as given under:
Above list is obviously not capable of accommodating all types of leather goods. It only covers the primary commodities made of leather. The leather industry today had no doubt, spread its legs almost on every part of the world. The major countries which had given their vital contribution in making the leather industry a booming one includes India, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Russia and USA, besides others.

According to many market experts and business tycoons, considering the increasing use of leather in manufacturing of daily use items and in apparel industry, the pace of growth will remain continue in the years to come. Well ! the signs are positive. Hope, we will witness a much more prospering and flourishing leather industry in future, providing us with an all exclusive range of leather accessories, never crafted before.