Fashion is always changing. Everyday new fashion products are launched in the market. Apparels and fashion accessories are storming the market to give that complete, perfect look. One most popular and common accessory for women is a beautiful purse or handbag. Designer, fashionable handbags are available that suits all people. Plain is out and beautiful colors are in again. This applies to handbags as well. The world of handbags is amazingly diverse with diversity of styles and materials. Instead of the usual leather handbags, people are opting for softer fabrics and bags studded with colorful beads that bring out their beauty. There are several such fabulous beaded bags that everyone should own. Whether your handbag is leather, denim, hobo or tote, a handbag can be sewn with various types of beads to form a pattern.

Beaded Adornments
A plain, simple looking handbag can be given a glamorous look with the help of beads. There are various beads made of various materials like wood, plastic, shell, stones or glass. They vary from the basic donut sshape to elongated beads and elaborately designed beads in varying shapes and sizes. Beaded handbags are hand sewn with simple beads and to add more glitter and shine, sequins, feathers, zaris are fixed here and there.

The beads may be used sparsely, just sewed across the front of the bag for a subtle accent. The placing can be in rows, flowery patterns, shapes, or placed in gradations of color to make a simple design. Some are extremely detailed and may include complex designs. Beadwork on both the body and handles creates appealing look in the bags.

Depending on the style, beaded handbags have the impression suitable for both formal as well as casual wear. Thus if you are looking for something extra-special in a normal bag, beaded accents may be the answer.

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