By Men’s Formal Wear we simply mean the clothing items which are usually worn by men on formal social events like wedding, formal parties or dinner and other such occasions. They are also worn by men in offices, official meetings and in interviews. Nowadays, the formal wears are also worn for general use to enhance ones personality. The contemporary formal clothing items have totally revolutionized the idea of men clothing. Men’s formal wears are more or less becoming a personality symbol for men.

In today’s world when the vogue for clothing items is constantly rising among men and women of all age groups (esp. teenagers); men’s formal wear is emerging as a dressing sense of men or we can say as a new trend in men’s clothing. Formal wears are the best medium for reflecting a man’s personality. Men admire the formal wear as it enhances their masculine look even more. Women also prefer a man who is well dressed and looks elegant. This could also be one of the reasons for the popularity of formal wear among men.

Formal men wear can be categorized into two primary categories viz. western formal wear and traditional formal wear. By and large, these two categories are almost same. But, the main difference lies in the fact that western formal wear has an exotic look, while traditional formal wear is country specific. An example of Indian traditional formal wear is the Sherwani, which is a common outfit worn in marriages etc. by men in India these days.

Numerous synthetic and natural fibers are used for fabricating men’s formal wear. Some of these fibers include wool, poplin, broadcloth, polyester, rayon, velvet, linen and so. Various types of men’s formal wears in fashion are formal suit, formal shirts, tuxedo (semi formal wear), blazers and formal trousers. No doubt, the world is becoming more fashionable day by day and no body is untouched with this change. After women, now men are also becoming fashion conscious; the prevalence of modern men’s formal wear is a clear indication to it.